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Singing Lessons  (the book!)

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You might expect this book to be a solo experience where you  teach yourself, by yourself, how to sing - but nope! It's not that at all. With this book, you’ll never be alone, because I'll be right here with you, guiding you every step of the way—in the same tone, rhythm and style as if we were actually present in the studio together.

This book is exactly what it looks like - singing lessons - delivered at your own pace and ability level. It is good for beginners and professionals. Anyone who wishes to improve their singing will find something here, in addition to the exercises and guidance needed to reach the next level.

From breathing and technical skills to guidance in applying what we learn to our favourite songs, this book promises to broaden your mindset about the instrument that lives in your throat. It will ignite your passion for singing and build up your confidence, so that you may skillfully share your song with the world.

Photos by Nathaniel Wong

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Below we have a mood board for a special sneak peek into the design inspiration.
While this isn't the actual book, these images are here to help show what colours, fonts and feels are going to be featured in the final product. Thanks Lind Studio!

Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio
Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio

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Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio
Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio

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Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio5
Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio5

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Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio
Mood Board for Singing Lessons by Lind Studio

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turning our
"Report Card" into chapters

sharing step-by-step what I
think you'd like knowing

getting professional photos
for demonstrations

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taking a break to
sing some shows

book goes to editor

book goes to The Self
Publishing Agency

book goes to designer

The Self
Publishing Agency,

Megan Williams

 Megan Williams is a beautiful, compassionate power - woman. We met through a friend a long time ago, and then kept seeing each other at charity fundraisers throughout the years. When it was high time for a singing book, Megan was the obvious one to call to ask "how on earth does one make a book?"

She has been guiding me every step of the way like a wedding planner. Her company has even been coaching me and helping develop my personal brand!

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Nathaniel Wong,

This is Nathaniel Wong. He's awesome!! He took the incredible, modern, fun, clean photos for this book! Demonstrations like: "this is how your mouth opens. This is what this type of breathing looks like." A treat to work with Nathaniel.

Oh, and he is also renowned for his style bloggery... Check it out by clicking below!

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Kelsey Straight,

What a treat to work with this ball of light. Kelsey morphed my words into something a lot more professional, while also making sure the book kept a conversational and loving tone.


I enjoyed that we both believe that the intention in what you do changes the end product (at a quantam physics level). I was so happy to team up with someone whose goal is to spread joy and happiness into the world.

Lind Studio,

Her style is super calm, fresh and beautiful, just like how it feels to speak with Stephanie who runs Lind Studio.

She has this really lovely knack for minimalist expensive fresh. Right now the book is at her studio! 


Stephanie sent me a moodboard with the pastels and fonts and feels for Singing Lessons. I can't wait to show you how the design is looking!