Karpman's Drama Triangle: round and round we go... if we choose to...

Ahh, the dreaded Karpman’s Drama Triangle. On our journey of mental healing, you may want to know about this vortex of horror that some unhealthy people try to suck you into (and maybe we have done from time to time, but that’s all behind us now...).

Do not get sucked in!!

Here’s my understanding of how it works: The person will choose a role, and then hop around to a different one, forcing you to assume one of the other positions in the triangle.

For example, someone may abuse you, and when you set a boundary, the abuser/“persecutor” will hop to “victim”, turning the conversation towards how you wronged them and how you are at fault.

A normal person might question themselves - I mean, who’s to say you didn’t hurt their feelings? - you assume the role of “rescuer”, try to make them feel better, and the cycle of manipulation continues.

The abuser will hop into any of the three positions... and so will you. It’s a dance. Round and round you go.

Without proper boundaries, you are like their little puppet.

Have you ever known someone who creates this? It makes you feel pretty crazy. But once you know that this is like.. a THING... you can recognize what they’re doing and stay out of the triangle. I repeat.. stay out of the triangle!!! 😂🙏🏻🥰❤️

You can do it! Stay mentally well my friends!! #theYOUCANDOITclub