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About the Book:

Thank you for picking up Singing Lessons. First of all, you might expect this book to be a solo experience where you  teach yourself, by yourself, how to sing - but nope! It's not that at all. With this book, you’ll never be alone, because I'll be right here with you, guiding you every step of the way—in the same tone, rhythm and style as if we were actually present in the studio together.

This book is exactly what it looks like - singing lessons - delivered at your own pace and ability level. It is good for beginners and professionals. Anyone who wishes to improve their singing will find something here, in addition to the exercises and guidance needed to reach the next level.

From breathing and technical skills to guidance in applying what we learn to our favourite songs, this book promises to broaden your mindset about the instrument that lives in your throat. It will ignite your passion for singing and build up your confidence, so that you may skillfully share your song with the world.

Now grab a glass of water, step into your star power, and enjoy your lessons!

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